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Better dentures, with just a snap.

Denture wearers, listen up! You don't have to use sticky glue to keep your dentures in place anymore. Dental implants can give you a perfect fit, without the mess. And the best part is, you can get them for a great price at Dental Care Now.

With snap-in dentures, you can get back to doing what you love.

Whether you are young, or just young at heart, implant dentures can help you feel confident in your smile.


Eat all the foods you've avoided for so long. Corn on the cob, burgers, and apples are back on the table.


Never feel self-conscious about your smile again. Your new smile will look and function just like natural teeth.


You can speak clearly and confidently with implant dentures, thanks to the removal of the palate.


No matter what you like to do, snap-in dentures can help you get back to doing it with confidence and joy.

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"I took my Great Auntie for a free denture consultation. The doctor is so knowledgeable and friendly. We decided to move forward the same day. We chose snap in dentures for her as her previous dentures didn’t have the perfect fit. My Auntie is thrilled about her new snap in dentures. I’m so happy she’s happy!"

Jill Porter

How It Works

How do dentures and implants work?

Implant dentures, or snap-in dentures, are just like regular dentures. However, instead of relying on suction to remain in place, snap-in dentures use small metal components to attach securely to dental implants in your jawbone.

Implants are anchors for your denture.

Dental implants are small metal posts that are put into your jawbone. They act like anchors for your denture, so they stay in place no matter what you are doing.

"Snaps" attach to each implant.

Small metal pieces, like snaps, are attached to the dental implants. These rest on top of your gums and connect your denture to the implants that are in your jawbone.

Diagram of the features of a snap-in implant denture

The "snaps" fit into pieces in your denture.

A piece is built into the denture that fits over the snaps. This lets the denture snap on and hold tightly to the implant anchors.

The palate can often be removed.

A common complaint from people who wear dentures is that they don't like the part of the denture that sits on the roof of their mouth. With dental implants, this part often can be taken out.

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